From now until August 31st, enjoy uninterrupted low-ping play on official dedicated servers and reward CS:GO's top-rated virtual mapmakers with real money.

Operation Payback is the first of an ongoing series of limited-time updates aimed at rewarding CS:GO’s most popular mapmakers. For just $5.99, you’ll get unlimited access to a Classic Casual map group featuring top-voted community maps hosted on dedicated servers. You can also invite your friends to your “Operation Payback” games, even if they don’t have a pass.

Contributors to Operation Payback will get a one-of-a-kind upgradable challenge coin, viewable wherever your avatar is shown. Let everyone know you support Counter-Strike's mapmaking community with a bronze coin--then battle your way to a gold to let them know you kicked those maps' asses.

Fast-paced vertical combat in a realistic urban setting.

High-value choke points pressure the defense to maintain map control; exposed hostage rescue zones make for tense rescues.

A large-scale recreation of the CS 1.1 hostage rescue classic.

Dangerous chokepoints, tense showdowns and explosive action.

Close-range indoor combat spills out into a sprawling outdoor combat arena.

Short, fast-paced gameplay; water hazards and bombsites encourage unique strategies.

This compact, labyrinthine map encourages strategy and deception.