August 23 - 26
August 28 - September 1
September 5 - 8
Celebrate the Major
Celebrate the Major with the Viewer Pass, Team Stickers, and Player Stickers--which are now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations taking part in the StarLadder Berlin Major.
The Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass - NOW 40% OFF!
Take home a piece of history—The Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass is now available! With a Viewer Pass, you'll get a Berlin 2019 Event Coin, new challenges to complete (including missions and the Berlin 2019 Pick-Em Challenge), Team Graffiti, Flair, and exclusive access to Berlin 2019 Souvenir Packages!
Viewer Pass
Viewer Pass + 3

Starts with 3 Souvenir Tokens
+ Additional Souvenir Tokens are available for purchase throughout the event.
You can earn up to three Souvenir Tokens with a Viewer Pass, and each token can be redeemed for a souvenir from the match of your choice.

Want more? Purchase the Viewer Pass +3 to start off with three Souvenir Tokens, or purchase as many Souvenir Tokens as you'd like once you've activated your Pass.
Berlin 2019 Event Coin
Activate the Viewer Pass and you'll get a Berlin 2019 Event Coin that you can upgrade by completing challenges, such as watching matches, playing the Berlin Pick'Em Challenge, and completing missions. Every time you upgrade your coin you will earn a Souvenir Token that can be redeemed for a Souvenir Package from the match of your choice. Your coin will upgrade when you've completed eight (Silver), twelve (Gold), or all sixteen (Diamond) challenges.
Souvenir Packages
Want a souvenir from your favorite match? Souvenir Tokens can be redeemed for a Souvenir Package from the completed match of your choice. Earn tokens by upgrading your coin or purchase additional Souvenir Tokens throughout the event. Souvenirs will feature one of the MVPs from that match, so watch the Major closely and make your choice!
Mission Accomplished
New for the Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass, players will have mission challenges! Win at least 10 rounds in a single match on each Active Duty map before the end of the event, and you'll earn progress toward an upgraded Event Coin.
Team Graffiti
When you activate your Viewer Pass, you'll get exclusive access to graffiti for each of the 24 teams and the event organizer.
Team Flair
For the duration of the Major, choose a team flair that you can display next to your name in the chat window while you watch the tournament.
Bronze Two
Make a Prediction in the Pick’Em Challenge
Activate your Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass to get access to the Pick'Em Challenge. Predict which teams will advance (or not) from each stage in Berlin to complete challenges and make progress toward upgrading your Berlin Event Coin. Each stage features a challenge with its own bar for success, so pay close attention to the teams and pick wisely!
Picks are locked as soon as a stage begins, so make sure you submit your first set of predictions before the Challengers Stage begins on August 23rd. Make a second set of predictions before the Legends Stage begins on August 28th, and a third set of predictions before the Champions Stage begins on September 5th.
Team Stickers
Place team stickers on your weapons to show your support! You can purchase your favorite team stickers directly, or collect Holo or Foil stickers by purchasing team sticker capsules featuring the Legends, Returning Challengers, or Minor Challengers.
Player Autograph Stickers
Support your favorite CS:GO players by collecting their paper, foil, and gold autograph stickers! Start your collection by purchasing Legends, Returning Challengers, or Minor Challengers Autograph Capsules in-game or from the Steam Community Market.
    Frequently asked questions

I activated a Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass, and then purchased a Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass +3. Can I activate the Viewer Pass +3 to get the included Souvenir Tokens?
No. Only one Viewer Pass can be activated on a CS:GO account. Additional Viewer Passes can be traded or sold on the Steam Community Market.

Can I activate more than one Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass?
No. You can only activate one Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass on your CS:GO account.

How do I upgrade my Berlin 2019 Event Coin?
You can upgrade your event coin by activating your pass, completing Pick'Em challenges, and by watching live matches throughout the Major. Complete eight challenges to upgrade your coin from Bronze to Silver. Complete twelve challenges to upgrade your coin from Silver to Gold. If you complete all sixteen challenges, you'll upgrade your coin to Diamond! Each time you upgrade your coin, you'll get a Souvenir Token.

How do I get Souvenir Tokens?
There are three ways to get Souvenir Tokens: Purchase the "Viewer Pass +3" to start with 3 Souvenir Tokens; Complete challenges to upgrade your coin and earn up to 3 Souvenir Tokens; or purchase Souvenir Tokens directly once you have an activated Viewer Pass.

How many Souvenir Tokens can I earn with the Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass?
You can earn up to three Souvenir Tokens, one each time your Berlin 2019 Event Coin is upgraded. You can redeem your Souvenir Tokens immediately on any completed match, or hold on to them and make your decision before September 30th.

How do I redeem a Souvenir Token for a Souvenir Package?
You can redeem a Souvenir Token by inspecting your Berlin 2019 Event Coin and visiting the Match Lister. From there, you can select any completed match to redeem it for a Souvenir Package. The souvenir you receive will feature a player who was MVP in one of the rounds in that match.

How much time do I have to redeem Souvenir Tokens for Souvenir Packages?
Souvenir Tokens can be redeemed until September 30th.

How do I participate in the Pick'Em Challenge?
The Pick'Em Challenge is part of the Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass and unlocks after your Viewer Pass has been purchased.

How do I complete challenges in the Pick'Em game?
To complete challenges in the Pick'Em game and earn progress toward upgrading your coin, you'll have to make a certain number of correct picks for each stage. In the Challengers and Legends stages, you'll have to pick five out of the nine results correctly. You can complete up to three challenges for the Champions stage: set up your bracket and correctly pick at least two of the winning Quarterfinalists, at least one winning Semi-Finalist, and the winner of the Grand Final.

Can I submit picks for the Pick'Em Challenge after a stage has begun?
No. After a stage has begun picks can no longer be made for that stage. The Challenger's Stage begins August 23rd, the Legends Stage begins August 28th, and the Champions Stage begins September 5th. Get your picks in early!

How do I get credit for watching a match?
To get credit for watching a match during a particular event stage, first you'll need to make sure that you are either logged into Steam and watching on, watching in-client via GOTV, or watching on Twitch with a linked Steam Account. Then, all you need to do is watch most of the rounds of a live match. You can check back later in the day to confirm that you've received credit for watching.

How do I complete missions?
After you activate your Berlin 2019 Viewer Pass, you'll have access to a mission on each Active Duty map (Dust II, Mirage, Inferno, Train, Nuke, Overpass, and Vertigo). To complete your mission, win at least 10 rounds in a single Competitive match. There's no partial credit, you'll have to complete the mission in a single attempt.