Dive into Operation Riptide, featuring new maps, an overhauled mission system, new ways to play your favorite game modes—from Private Queues to shorter Competitive matches—and more! Complete your weekly missions and choose from a variety of rewards including new agents, weapon collections, stickers, and patches.

Upgradable Mission Coin

Each week, you’ll receive a new mission card featuring a variety of missions that can be completed in any order. Complete missions and earn stars in Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, and Guardian.

Private Queue

Your own private Premier match on Valve servers. Grab your friends (and friends of friends)!

Player's Private Queue

With a player-generated Queue Code, a group of friends can match amongst themselves into a Premier match on Valve servers. Pair up, form your teams, or solo queue and let the matchmaker sort it out.

Steam Group Private Queue

Every Steam Group has a Private Queue Code that only its members can use, allowing established Steam Groups to host their private Premier matches on Valve servers. Or make a Steam Group for your network of friends and use existing Steam group tools to manage memberships, have discussions, make announcements, and schedule events. Find an existing Steam Group or create a new one .

Choose your rewards

Spend your stars on rewards of your choice. Operation rewards feature all-new Agents, including the Guerilla Warfare Terrorists, CT SEAL team "Frogmen" and the French Gendarmerie. New items include the Operation Riptide Case, four new weapon collections, two operation-themed sticker collections and Operation patches.


The missions in Operation Riptide have gotten an overhaul.

Carve your own path

Scavenger hunts, graffiti missions, and more. Make progress by completing items in your checklist in any order you choose.

Race to the finish

Keep moving. Work your way through a series of checkpoints in order to complete your mission.

Up for a challenge

Make steady progress in your grind, or complete your mission faster by satisfying a challenge condition!

New Ways to Play

Operation Riptide features new ways to play your favorite game modes. From short competitive matches to team deathmatch, there's something for everyone!

Riot Shield

The best offense is a good defense. Give your teammates a fighting chance with the Riot Shield, currently available as a heavy weapon for CTs in casual hostage maps.

Short Matches

Want a competitive ruleset but don't have the time for a longer match? With short matches, you'll get the competitive 5v5 experience compressed into a best of 16 rounds match, which lasts about 25 minutes.

Free-For-All Deathmatch

Sometimes you just need targets to shoot. In Free-For-All Deathmatch, even your teammates are enemies. Watch your back!

Team Deathmatch

Work together to be the first team to 100 kills.

Droppable Grenades

The only thing better than learning utility is learning how to share. Grenades can now be dropped in most game modes.

More Gameplay Changes

Weapons - The M4A1-S now does more damage to the body, and the Deagle does a bit less. And if you're in the market for Dualies, they just got cheaper.

Map Changes - Blocked visibility of mid from T spawn in Dust 2. Really!

Demolition and Arms Race - Demolition has gotten a tune-up to be a bit more fast-paced, and the Arms Race weapon sequence has been tweaked (and you'll get health pens if you're on a roll). Check them out!

Maps featured in Riptide

Choose your rewards


New Guerrila Warfare Terrorists battle new Counter-Terrorist "Frog Men" from the SEAL team and new agents from the French Gendarmerie. See the movies featuring Guerrilla Warfare agent Crasswater and SEAL Frogman Comdr. Frank 'Wet Sox' Baroud.

Guerrilla Warfare | Crasswater The Forgotten

Master Agent

Former Navy SEAL Capt. Crasswater was taken prisoner by the Guerrilla Warfare (GW) while serving in the Middle East during the 1990's. Over the years of his imprisonment, his patriotism and 'no man left behind' mantra eroded into bitter hatred for all things USA. Crasswater became GW's most valuable asset—bringing military discipline and organization to an otherwise chaotic gang of rebel fighters. In recent years Crasswater has grown new GW cells at undisclosed locations across Central America.

"Just one more forget-me-not."

Guerrilla Warfare | 'Medium Rare' Crasswater The Forgotten

Master Agent

Former Navy SEAL Capt. Crasswater was taken prisoner by the Guerrilla Warfare (GW) while serving in the Middle East during the 1990's. Over the years of his imprisonment, his patriotism and 'no man left behind' mantra eroded into bitter hatred for all things USA. Crasswater became GW's most valuable asset—bringing military discipline and organization to an otherwise chaotic gang of rebel fighters. In recent years Crasswater has grown new GW cells at undisclosed locations across Central America.

"Just one more forget-me-not."

Guerrilla Warfare | Vypa Sista of the New Revolution

Master Agent

A notorious rebel and brilliant improviser, Vypa is one of twelve sisters born into poverty and left to fend for themselves at the age of seven. Vypa's solo attacks against her country's military dictatorship were so prolific the military assumed her work was the result of a small team of people. At one point, Vypa mistook a remote Guerrilla Warfare (GW) training ground for a government outpost. Shortly after invoking one of her infamous 'sting and choke' maneuvers on the camp she realized her mistake, but not before she had Capt. Crasswater tied up to a tree and threatened at knife point. Impressed and a little frightened, Crasswater recruited Vypa and her sisters into the GW. Together they now lead all jungle-based GW missions and 'government awareness' campaigns.

"Don’t worry. It’s just me."

Guerrilla Warfare | Elite Trapper Solmon

Superior Agent

On a hot summer day on the outskirt islands of the Caribbean, Solman, relaxing on a small yet expensive vacation tour, was taken hostage by the infamous Guerrilla Warfare (GW). Overhearing his captors talk about the division of ransom money, Solman negotiated his own release if he delivered three additional hostages within 24 hours. And deliver he did, armed with only money, charm, and a way with words reserved for the world's most horrific cult leaders. Stunned by his lack of empathy for his fellow tourists and his ability to deliver a steady supply of 'ransom units' (people) the GW negotiated a position for Solman among them. Taking the highest percentage of hostage random money of any member of the GW, Solman had won the game before it even started.

"You only need three things to fix a bad situation: money, charm, and a loaded weapon."

Guerrilla Warfare | Arno The Overgrown

Superior Agent

Disgraced heavyweight boxing champion, Arno The Overgrown was discovered by Guerrilla Warfare (GW) Trappers living out of a cave. Over the years Arno had become an expert survivalist and big-game hunter—able to live off the land for an indefinite amount of time carrying only his flint stick and sharpened hunting knife. Rumors of Arno eventually spread to nearby townships where he came to attention of Guerrilla Warfare (GW). Wanting to recruit Arno's flawless hunting and fighting skills, the GW failed to coax Arno from his habitat, that is, until they threatened to stop visiting him with hot fresh Milk Tarts every month.

"It isn't the loneliness that kills you, it's the absence of Melk Tarts."

Guerrilla Warfare | Col. Mangos Dabisi

Exceptional Agent

Early in his life Col. Mangos Dabisi was trained and promoted within Ugandan military. He ended his military career with a rare Dishonorable Discharge for intimidating his subordinates into paying him 'sleep well money'—promising a good night's sleep to those who paid him. Turns out, a good night's sleep was merely a lack of intentional injuries inflicted by Dabisi himself. Dabisi's imposing stature and military skill made him an attractive acquisition for the Guerilla Warfare (GW). Constantly over-using force and needing to be reined in, Dabisi's reputation as a GW powerhouse is well deserved.

"I chop your doller or your neck. You choose."

Guerrilla Warfare | Trapper

Exceptional Agent

Sharp, stealthy, and the bane of organised military units everywhere, the Trappers are rarely seen before they are felt.

"We hunt you."

Guerrilla Warfare | Trapper Aggressor

Distinguished Agent

The experienced and cunning Trapper Aggressors utilize ruthless efficiency in capturing and securing tourists as hostages. As experts in wetland and jungle-based guerrilla tactics, any rescue missions involving Trapper Aggressors are doomed to fail.

"The promise of air conditioning and iced tea. It works every time."

SEAL Frogman | Skipper Frank 'Wet Sox' Baroud

Master Agent

First on deck and last off it, Cmdr. Frank Baroud is a third generation SEAL and second combat diver ever to receive The Navy Cross medal; 'Goggles' was the first. Count on Baroud to solve the most complicated underwater and ground based conflict situations, like the time he defused several IED's which were planted in a network of flooded caves beneath a US embassy. Baroud chalks it up to his impeccable attention to detail, because after all, when your life depends on the equipment you're wearing, a simple mistake may be the last one you make. His uncompromising attention to detail earned him the nickname 'Wet Sox'.

"Double check it. Then triple check it. Then check it again."

SEAL Frogman | Skipper Davida 'Goggles' Fernandez

Master Agent

Possessing an exquisite mammalian dive reflex, Cmdr. Fernandez is able to slow her heart rate to undetectable levels and navigate darkness, ice, and deep sea defense systems. She excels in her human aquatic potential and her skill as an elite marksman and soldier. 'Goggles' earned her nickname when a bullet struck her left eye—or would have—if it weren't for 'Wet Sox' reminding her to grab her full kit 'for the last time!' Despite her occasional forgetfulness, Cmdr. Fernandez is one of two elite combat diver SEALs to be awarded The Navy Cross for classified underwater operations.

"Be still my beating heart."

SEAL Frogman | Lieutenant Rex Krikey

Superior Agent

Lieutenant Krikey is a prime choice for all jungle and wetlands combat operations. His expertise in handling wild reptiles big and small has saved both him and his fellow frogmen on more than one occasion.

"I'm just an apex predator that enjoys meeting other apex predators."

Gendarmerie Nationale | Chef d'Escadron Rouchard

Master Agent

Born into an old aristocratic family, Rouchard enlisted in the Gendarmerie Nationale at her first opportunity as a way to avoid compulsory enrollment at a notorious Swiss finishing school for young women. As Aspirant in the Gendarmerie, Rouchard quickly impressed her senior ranks by excelling in offensive strategy and hostage negotiations, but most of all, blade-based combat. Several promotions later she is best known by her moniker 'Le Couteau' (The Knife), although some would say this is because she can be a bit blunt at times. Today, Rouchard gets called in when no one else knows what to do.

"It is but a scratch."

Gendarmerie Nationale | Chem-Haz Capitaine

Superior Agent

As leader for Chemical and BioHazard combat operations in populated areas, the Gendarmerie Chem-Haz Capitaine plays a crucial role within the organization. Celebrated for orchestrating the successful rescue of an entire domestic airport's civilian occupancy in the infamous sarin gas attack of 1997, the Chem-Haz Capitaine is the epitome of preparedness and composure.

"Don't forget to breathe."

Gendarmerie Nationale | Sous-Lieutenant Medic

Exceptional Agent

Medics of the Gendarmerie National have a well-deserved reputation for providing life saving interventions using anything at their disposal. From improvised AEDs to jungle medicine to precise covering fire, the medics of the Gendarm have your back—no matter what.

"It is better to prevent than to heal."

Gendarmerie Nationale | Officer Jacques Beltram

Exceptional Agent

A highly decorated Officer for the Gendarmerie, Beltram was awarded the Legion of Honor for swapping places with a hostage and thwarting terrorist activity on more than one occasion. Beltram is a hero, a single father, and a passionate consumer of pain au chocolate at all times of day.

"We do what we have to do."

Gendarmerie Nationale | Aspirant

Distinguished Agent

Aspirants of the Gendarmerie are highly trained military police cadets responsible for assisting in rural combat operations. To say most are eager for action in the field is an understatement.

"C'est la vie."

The Professionals | Bloody Darryl The Strapped

Superior Agent

Before he was leader of the heist gang 'The Professionals' Sir Bloody Darryl was more simply called, Bloody Darryl. Still your friendly neighborhood psychopath in every sense of the word. Not actually Australian according to Australians.

"I'm just gonna give them a bit of Razzle Dazzle."

SWAT | Lieutenant 'Tree Hugger' Farlow

Exceptional Agent

No one else knows how to enjoy combat ops that require sunscreen, mosquito repellant and M4A4 assault rifles quite like Farlow does.

"Kinda nice to get out of the cold don't ya think?"

Brazilian 1st Battalion | Primeiro Tenente

Distinguished Agent

As a combat survival specialist in deep jungle operations, the Brazilian 1st Battalion sharpen their teeth alongside the banks of the mighty Amazon River.

"Surprises welcome."

NZSAS | D Squadron Officer

Distinguished Agent

Highly classified and incredibly lethal, Officers in the SAS spend years sharpening their skills through infiltration, hostage rescue, and —REDACTED— missions not fit for the public eye.

"Who dares, wins."

Elite Crew | Mr. Muhlik

Distinguished Agent

A particularly effective 'Acquisitions Consultant'.

"I can get what you need."

Riptide Case

The Riptide Weapon Case features 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and includes an Gamma Doppler knives as rare special items!

Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive by kiku
AK-47 | Leet Museo by Oscar
SSG 08 | Turbo Peek by K A S I and Sparkwire
Glock-18 | Snack Attack by Sparkwire and 2Minds
MAC-10 | Toybox by (SIC)
M4A4 | Spider Lily by Strenson and emu
MP9 | Mount Fuji by Khan and puchara
Five-SeveN | Boost Protocol by Pet3D and dre
FAMAS | ZX Spectron by SHADOW
MAG-7 | BI83 Spectrum by cimota and MultiH
XM1014 | Watchdog by Zaphk and OniLolz
USP-S | Black Lotus by moonfighter and Ariata
PP-Bizon | Lumen by Boaz
MP7 | Guerilla by BASBAY
G3SG1 | Keeping Tabs by Debski
Dual Berettas | Tread by Teo~ and VisHomin
AUG | Plague by mara_der and hexeth

Riptide Sticker Collection

Decorate your weapons with 14 Operation-themed stickers.

M4A4 | The Coalition by SLIMEface
Glock-18 | Gamma Doppler
FAMAS | Meltdown
MAC-10 | Propaganda by Sparkwire
USP-S | Whiteout
CZ75-Auto| Syndicate by SLIMEface
P2000 | Space Race by SAZ
MPD-SD | Autumn Twilly by SAZ
NOVA | Red Quartz
Desert Eagle| Sputnik by SAZ
M4A1-S | Fizzy POP by SAZ
SSG 08 | Spring Twilly by SAZ
AUG | Amber Fade
UMP-45 | Full Stop
Tec-9 | Safety Net
R8-Revolver| Blaze
AWP | Desert Hydra by 2minds
Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox by 2minds
MP5-SD | Oxide Oasis
AUG | Sand Storm by Chemical Alia
Glock-18 | Pink DDPAT
XM1014 | Elegant Vines by SAZ
SG 553 | Desert Blossom by SAZ
M249 | Humidor by SAZ
MP9 | Music Box
USP-S | Purple DDPAT
P90 | Verdant Growth by SAZ
CA75-Auto | Midnight Palm
FAMAS | CaliCamo
Dual Berettas | Drift Wood by Chemical Alia
SSG 08 | Prey
MAC-10 | Sienna Damask
MAG-7 | Navy Sheen
PP-Bizon | Anolis by SAZ
P250 | Drought by SAZ
AK-47 | Gold Arabesque
SSG 08| Death Strike by Graff
UMP-45| Fade
MAC-10 | Case Hardened
M4A4 | Red DDPAT
USP-S | Orange Anolis by SAZ
Galil AR | Amber Fade
G3SG1 | New Roots by SAZ
Nova | Quick Sand
P250 | Black & Tan
M249 | Midnight Palm
Five SeveN | Withered Vine by SAZ
MP9 | Old Roots by SAZ
AUG | Spalted Wood by Chemical Alia
Sawed-Off | Parched by SAZ
MP7 | Prey
SG 553 | Bleached by SAZ
P90 | Desert DDPAT
R8 Revolver | Desert Brush
M4A1-S| Imminent Danger by SLIMEface
SG 553| Hazard Pay by Nextgenz
Five SeveN | Fall Hazard by SLIMEface
P250 | Digital Architect by MOG
MAG-7 | Prism Terrace
Negev | Infrastructure by MOG
Nova | Interlock
P90 | Schematic by MOG
AK-47 | Green Laminate
PP-Bizon | Breaker Box by MOG
SSG 08 | Carbon Fiber
UMP-45 | Mechanism by MOG
Glock-18 | Red Tire by MOG
Dual Berettas | Oil Change by MOG
CZ75-Auto | Framework
XM1014 | Blue Tire by MOG
FAMAS| Faulty Wiring by MOG
MAC-10 | Strats by MOG

Riptide F.A.Q.

What do I get with the Operation pass?

Players who purchase an Operation Riptide Pass receive the following:

  • An Operation Riptide Coin, which can be leveled from Bronze to Diamond and displayed on your CS:GO profile.
  • Access to Operation rewards which include all-new Agents, weapon collections, stickers, Operation Riptide weapon cases, patches, and XP boosts.

How do I get Operation Stars?

Operation Stars are earned by completing missions on your weekly mission card, and can also be purchased in-game. Each mission card allows players to earn a maximum number of stars, shown at the top of each card. You do not have to complete all of the missions to earn the maximum number of stars each week.

How do I redeem Operation rewards?

Operation Rewards can be redeemed when you earn or purchase enough stars to meet a reward’s requirement. Once you have stars, visit the Operation Shop in-game and claim the reward you would like.

How do I upgrade my Operation Coin?

To upgrade your Riptide coin, earn stars by completing missions from weekly mission cards. Your coin will upgrade after earning 33 (Silver), 66 (Gold), or 100 stars (Diamond).

Is there a limit to the number of rewards I can redeem?

No. You can continue to redeem Operation rewards as long as you have stars. Even if you have earned the maximum number of stars from completing weekly missions, you can continue to redeem rewards by purchasing stars.

Can I play the missions without a pass?

To play missions you need to either have Prime Status or an Operation Pass. In order to be eligible for Operation rewards you must have an Operation Pass redeemed on your account. If you purchase the Operation Pass at a later date, you will be given credit for any missions you have previously completed and any progress toward upgrading your Operation Coin.

Can I gift Operation Passes?

Operation Passes can be traded one one week after purchase. There is no way to send an Operation Pass as a gift at time of purchase.

How do I participate in missions?

If you have Prime Status or the Operation Pass, simply click the mission text from the Main Menu; you will automatically queue for the selected mission. If you do not have Prime Status or the Operation Pass, you cannot complete missions.

How long does Operation Riptide last?

Operation Riptide will last until February 20th, 2022. Players will receive new missions cards each week for the first 16 weeks of the operation.

Additional information can be found in our Operation Riptide help article.