Danger Zone Enters New Territory
Sirocco brings a whole new experience to Danger Zone. Brave the wide open spaces, or use stealth to navigate kasbahs, towns, and intricate underground passages.
Starting Perks
Before you deploy, pick a starting item to match your playstyle; old favorites, like the taser, or new toys like the exojump boots!
Respawn Anywhere
As long as your squad survives, you'll get a chance to respawn anywhere in the map. Pick up where you left off, or take a new angle.
New Items and Upgrades
ExoJump Boots: Access hard to reach areas, leap over walls, and dart across the map at incredible speed!
Ballistic Shield: When kevlar's not enough, there's always hardened steel to cover your back. You can't shoot with the shield deployed, but that's a small price to pay for immortality. [Coming Soon]
Drone Pilot: A remote control drone of your very own. Gather intel on your enemies from a distance, or just steal their supplies. [Coming Soon]
Exploration Money Bonus: Earn an additional cash bonus from each hex explored over the course of the match, giving you more funds to work with as you traverse the environment. [Coming Soon]
Bomb Wave money Bonus: Earn an additional cash bonus from each bomb wave over the course of the match. [Coming Soon]
Bump Mines: Toss one of these on the ground and send your opponents flying. You can step on one, but make sure you have a parachute...
Shaking up the Game
Spend less time scavenging and more time hunting. Weapons you find start with much more ammo.
You'll never be unlucky again. Tablets now reveal the nearest large weapon crate with pinpoint precision.
See you in the Zone
Grab a teammate and put your survival skills to the test in the evolved and amped up Danger Zone. Use every tool at your disposal to survive!