The Winter Offensive Update is shipping with three types of gifts for the giving: the Gift Package, which will give a random item to one random player in your match; the Pallet of Presents, which will give random items to up to nine people in your match; and the Audience Participation Parcel, which will give random items to up to 25 viewers watching your match.
The Winter Offensive Case
Presenting the first-ever community-made case, featuring some of the most popular and interesting finishes from the CS:GO Workshop on a wide variety of weapons.
Two New Maps
Because we want to make sure that Cobblestone and Overpass are as fun and balanced as possible, we'll be collecting and executing on feedback from a smaller group before going wide with them. For a limited time, both maps will be available for matchmaking in Operation Bravo only.
The Esports Winter Case
Replacing the previous case, the eSports Winter Case continues our crowd-funding initiative, with a portion of profit given to future CS:GO esport tournament prize pools.